Life of Riley Handmade Charms & Jewelry

Sunflower Earrings.jpg

A pair of my latest favorite earrings. Sunflower charms with red moonstone           & yellow opal. Fine silver can give you some outrageous colors when patina’d       in liver of sulphur - these are a great example of the possibilities! 


SPRING! That’s what I’m thinking about!

I am actively updating this site. I will be adding new inventory available for purchase regularly. Check out the spring bling page for my latest creations - they are all priced & ready for sale! Check back as I also have an entire batch of my heart charms ready to photograph & post! Currently I do not have things linked to my online store yet so if you are interested in any of the jewelry shown as available (has a price!) please use the Contact Me page and I will email you an invoice that you can pay via credit card. Thank you!

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